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Psychotherapy Room Rental In London

What do A Room in Town offer?


We are well-connected by public transport; for example, we are a two-minute walking distance away from London Bridge railway station.

Quality Facilities and Affordability

The range of modernised counselling rooms we have available includes free Wi-Fi and other useful facilities but mercifully not Harley Street prices.


With us, you don’t need to sign any long-term contract. Furthermore, the facilities can be accessed after hours and at weekends.


A secure and safe environment is provided for your therapy sessions. A comfortable waiting room also comes as standard.

Psychotherapy rooms to rent

Psychotherapy can be stressful, especially for the client if they do not feel comfortable or at ease. At A Room in Town, our psychotherapy rooms can help remedy that feeling.

About psychotherapy

Psychotherapy refers to psychological methods that are utilised to help treat a range of mental health problems such as:

Whether or not someone has been clinically diagnosed with a mental illness, they can still benefit from psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy typically involves the client talking regularly to the psychotherapist or mental health professional about their problems and experiences. Psychotherapy aims to identify the root cause of the client’s trauma and how it is impacting their current lifestyle.

It therefore enables a safe and comfortable space for clients to be listened to and have the support needed to process and cope with any unsettling emotions or experiences the patient may recollect.

Why choose A Room in Town?

A Room in Town offers the ideal therapeutic environment for therapists and clients to come together for healing. With more than a decade’s worth of experience, we pride ourselves on our bespoke rooms that have been refurbished to ensure that both therapist and client feel welcome and comfortable.

We provide free Wi-Fi and other facilities such as a kitchen, as well as a waiting area for the clients. At A Room in Town, you can rest assured that your client, and yourself, are in excellent hands when it comes to talking therapy rooms.

If you are a professional situated by or in London, we have acquired four central London buildings that you can rent a room in. Our rooms are available to rent by the hour, a half day, or just full-day sessions, so our terms are certainly flexible and simple. There’s no need to worry about long-term agreements, and we’re easy to get to, due to our close proximity to public transport links.

Why our rooms are good for psychotherapy?

Easy accessibility 

Our facilities are accessible after hours and on weekends, so whether you’re in need of a space to do some quiet work, or urgently need to see a client during non-office hours, our rooms can be easily hired for these purposes.

Suitability for various professionals

Whether you’re in private practice or simply looking for a psychotherapy room to rent in London with no hassle, A Room in Town is the place for you. If you’re interested in booking rooms with us, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7887 2674 or to email us via

A high standard of service 

Our psychotherapy rooms to rent in London are perfect for a safe space for clients to feel understood and listened to by professional therapists. We value the importance of the environment during psychotherapy, thus our rooms are composed of excellent soundproofing materials and decorated pleasantly to make your clients feel relaxed.

Great workflow 

We’ve done much of the legwork so that you don’t have to, enabling you to use your work time more efficiently and see a higher number of patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will ask you for details including your name, address, email address, phone number, profession, and accreditation membership. We will also ask you if you have full governing body registration and how you heard about us.

Yes, you can. We know that, even if the client will be in their own home when they have their session with you, they will still want to see that you provide a relaxed, comfortable environment even from a distance. That’s why we make our rooms available for telehealth sessions.

Once you have booked the room, both you and the client will be sent a secure and easy-to-use video link, enabling both parties to be directly connected for the session. 

You can be emailed timely updates about room availability, enabling you to book a space even at short notice and shortly after it has been used by another therapist. We can also let you know if we open entirely new rooms — you could be one of the first therapists to use them!

Potential clients of yours will be able to see your professional profile on the website — and as a result, learn such information as what kind of therapy you offer and your background in providing it. Also posted will be contact details which these people will be able to use to ask you any remaining questions they have.

We recommend that you keep a close eye on this website’s blog for our thoughts about what has been happening in the industry.

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